UE3: The Prison (Single Player Map)

In the second semester we were tasked with creating our own single player levels, again using Unreal Engine 3.

I had a plan laid out for my capture the flag map, to make it a more tense and horror-like in atmosphere.
But ultimately I liked the idea so much I decided to keep the semester one project as it was and focus the fright factor into semester two.

Screenshot 2016-01-10 00.17.23

The game starts at the front entrance of a prison compound, you have been sent there as the area is supposed to be abandoned but there have been signs of activity lately.

Beauty Shot 3

Upon entry you can clearly see the area is derelict and overgrown.
The doors lock up and the player must find a way out.

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There are signs of combat across the map: Turned tables, broken furniture, sprays of blood and explosion holes.
When you enter the first corridor the lights flicker and turn off across the whole complex, locking other doors in the area.

Screenshot 8

So your next tasked with finding a way to restore the power.
Using the maps in the entrance and your flashlight to navigate to the generator room in the basement.

Beauty Shot 2

After some exploration, you will stumble into the generator room.
At the end of the back wall you will find a control panel .
Pressing it will restore all power to the building, turning on lights and unlocking some doors.
When the cutscene has ended and you move to leave the generator room you will be ambushed by several enemies.

Beauty Shot 4

The upstairs of the building as been opened up for the player to explore, getting there via the staircase adjacent to the dinning hall.

Beauty Shot 11

More signs of damage and destruction in the upper corridors.

Beauty Shot 10

The admin room contains a terminal that can be used to access a way out of the building.
However Its power source is missing, three red spherical power cores.

Beauty Shot 12

There are three keys located across the map, one in each level. (Basement, Ground Floor, First Floor)

Beauty Shot 9

Getting the keys wont be easy, they will each be guarded by several armed assailants.

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Once you have recovered all three “keys” take them back to the admin room.
The terminal will activate and give you a choice.
You can open the doors to the cells or to the yard (each offer a different escape route).

Screenshot 2016-01-10 00.24.45

Once you have selected your choice a cutscene will play and the terminal will deactivate, there is no way to undo your choice.

Beauty Shot 6

The cells offer several pick ups and new weapons for you to collect while you find your way out.
You will find unarmed civilians in some of the cells, although most are empty or broken.
Aswell as this you will encounter several enemies to defeat before you can escape.

Beauty Shot 7

One of the broken open cells hold an escape route via a hole in the floor that takes you into an escape tunnel, cue the bright light at the end.

Beauty Shot 5

Besides several armed attackers the yard is eerily deserted.
Climbing the guard tower will find you a terminal at the top that you can use to signal a rescue ship.
After several minutes and several enemies, a ship will fly down into the yard.
When the player enters the ship the game ends.

Level Features

  • Vast map pool
  • Interesting interactions between players
  • Fun mix of pick ups

Development Info

  • Genre: Party/Action
  • Engine: Unreal 4
  • Development Time: 12 weeks

High Concept


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