UE3: Fire Mountain (Capture the Flag)

In my first year before UE4 came out, we learned how to use UE3.

In the first semester we were tasked with creating capture the flag maps for teams of 8 to 16.

For a team based map, It needed to create a level that was fair for both teams and gave each equal opportunities for pick ups.

The arena had three levels:

  • The ground level is where the level mechanic kicked in. After several points have been scored, the middle ground would part and open up into a drop which led to the base of a volcano and a pool of lava. The floor was closed again when the opposite team scored a point. Pick ups were located at the points shown to the right to offer an array of goods. (Weapons, Ammo or Health)
  • The next level up featured pick ups along the same locations from the previous floor, obstacles that could be used to take cover behind, run ways that could be used to fire upon players in the level below or used to traverse the map safely when the floor was opened and access to the snipers perch.
  • The perch served as the teams base on each side of the map.
    It could be accessed multiple ways to avoid choke points.



Screenshot 2016-01-23 16.27.34 Screenshot 2016-01-23 16.29.25 Screenshot 2016-01-23 16.30.11


Level Features

  • Vast map pool
  • Interesting interactions between players
  • Fun mix of pick ups

Development Info

  • Genre: Party/Action
  • Engine: Unreal 4
  • Development Time: 12 weeks

High Concept


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