Toon Mayhem

One of my modules of my final year, Junior Senior Collaborative Games Development is a group project developing a game throughout the year.
Last year I worked as a Junior in a group for (Keith).
However this year I am the Lead Designer of the group.

Toon Mayhem is a competitive action game where you take control of one of three tank-characters.
The enemies you kill on your side of the game, appear on the other players side!
Use power ups to also buff up your tank or hinder your opponent.
There are two current Game Modes in the Alpha:

Victory – Protect your base at any cost, losing your base means you lose.
Score – Fighting off as many enemies as you can while protecting your base.
Losing your base doesn’t mean game over, it just means you get a major point reduction at the end.


Indestructible Block, Destructible Block, Portal


Map Designs

Level Features

  • Vast map pool
  • Interesting interactions between players
  • Fun mix of pick ups

Development Info

  • Genre: Party/Action
  • Engine: Unreal 4
  • Development Time: 24 weeks

High Concept

Battling tanks to protect your base or increase your high score.
The more enemies you kill the more are sent to your opponents side of the map.

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