Fall of Civilization

Fall of Civilization
[Early Access]

While In Early Access I will be making regular updates and taking feedback from the community aswell as suggestions on what they want to see, to make the best game possible.

Designed/ Developed by: Me

Publisher: New Reality Games

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Genre: Strategy

Release Date:

Early Access (19/09/2016)

Full Release (N/A)

You play as a survivor of the end of the world ,creating your own story, controlling a faction of people you choose how you live in the new world and what the rules are.

Build up your economy and upgrade your base to draw in more survivors to your community, but beware the stronger you get the more likely other factions will start looking at you. The choices you make of who you decide to be in this new world determine how the world and its people will treat you.


  • Economy System- You will have to work hard and search the map for your resources, each one is essential in this new life and can help you in a multitude of ways. Provisions will keep your survivors alive and happy, as well as letting them travel the map in search of more resources or survivors. Building supplies will repair and maintain your equipment, while also being used to upgrade and fortify your base. Ammo is used sparingly to defend against potential attackers or used in an offensive war with another faction.
  • Intelligent AI – Factions will have their own agendas and motivations. Depending ofcourse how you treat the world around you, featuring the morality system, some factions may like you more than others or vice versa hate you more than others. That can lead to anything from friendly trades to all-out war. They are just trying to survive like you, completing missions and looking for supplies, although some might look for supplies by raiding other factions.
  • Strategic combat – Your survivors are as much of a resource as anything else. Build up your base to attract more and slowly build up your army, for defensive or offensive reasons. Equip survivors with guns to give them better range, or give them melee weapons to send them up close and personal.
  • Base Development – It wouldn’t be a strategy game without the ability to build yourself up to be the best faction in the wasteland you can be. Maintaining and upgrading your base will be an important task to make sure you stay at the top. There are many varieties of rooms you can create in your base that will allow different abilities or bonuses. E.G. A room to grow crops will help with your output food supplies.
  • Perk System- I’ve mentioned a lot to you that survivors will play a big part in the game and are as valuable a resource as even food, but I haven’t yet explained why. When you gain a new survivor or a current one levels up, you get the ability to level them up on their respective perk tree. This is essentially what their role is in your society, whether its Scavenger, Security, Farmer, Engineer or more!

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